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pushing the limits

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sunburst at phoenix

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cave diver in sunlight

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ascent from bedfordshire

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go to the light

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kelp in sunshine

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exploring the constellation

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peacock spring in winter

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emerging from below

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alone under the sun

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the hell diver

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light from above

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boat on the rocks

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after the dive

My fine art images are available in two formats:

Limited Edition pieces printed on museum-quality Hahnemuehle Fine Art Torchon paper. These pieces are limited to 100 exemplars, which are signed, numbered, and then registered with the Hahnemuehle My Art Registry in Dassel, Germany.

Additionally, I do frame limited edition pieces for clients. Please Contact Me to explore framing options.

Open Edition pieces are printed on high quality Kodak Enduro photographic paper and are suitable for framing.

Enjoy my work!

I look forward to hearing from you!
Frank Stopa

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